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Residential Moving


Moving across town can be a huge inconvenience. But with the right residential movers, it can be a rather positive experience. With us by your side, you can be sure your belongings will be safely transferred and delivered to your new home or destination. Our team of skilled, experienced and dependable professionals is waiting for you!

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We Do the Heavy Lifting for You

Moving a Couch

No one really looks forward to moving their entire home, whether it is on their own or with the help of other family members or friends.  Moving large objects without hurting yourself or others is a main reason, not to mention damaging items on the way out that all-too-narrow doorway. 

Our professional movers are not intimidated by items of any size, and they are trained to know what kind of equipment they need to move it safely and without damaging it.

You can have a memorable moving experience!

We take care of your needs, that’s why you can have a memorable moving experience. Not many residential moving companies follow this model. At Custom Movers, we pay attention to every detail of your move with a deep respect for all of your needs and wishes. No matter of the size, type and the distance of your move – your relocation will be an enjoyable experience. Give us a call today!

For more information or to schedule service, call us at (614)-866-2038 or visit our  contact page

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